Brandt Engineering Group Ltd

Proven Record Of Success

Brandt Engineers has a proven record of success in the engineering community, and we believe that the roots of this success can be traced to the close working relationships we have with our clients. We request and emphasize client involvement in the decision-making process throughout all phases of our projects because we know the most important entity in our business is the client.

Our Firm


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Our service area is the Texas Panhandle and South Plains. Brandt Engineers specializes in providing civil engineering services to municipalities, counties, school districts, and water supply corporations in this area.

Our firm specializes in site planning; designing of water distribution, water supply, and water storage facilities; designing of wastewater collection and treatment facilities; designing of paving and drainage facilities; and designing of athletic facilities.

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What We Can Provide

Brandt Engineers can provide the services of a firm that is familiar with not only the regulations of State and Federal agencies, but also with many of the individuals who work for these agencies. This allows us to communicate with these individuals during the design phases of many of our projects, thus preventing potential problems when projects are submitted for review.

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